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The University of Cologne

Since its establishment in 1388, the University of Cologne has been a center of science and scholarship in Europe. Today, it is one of the leading German research universities. It has almost 5,000 academic staff including professors, 339 degree programmes and just under 50,000 students. The university offers its students an exceptionally broad and diverse subject base. The university is firmly committed to the advancement of human knowledge through basic research, but also with an eye to transfer and application in the real word.

A great example of this ‘real world’ application is the Department of Risk Management and Insurance that traces its roots back to 1903 with the creation of the Department of Insurance at the Municipal Commercial High School in Cologne. It took on its current name in 2002 and is now part of the Department of Business Administration. The areas of insurance law and actuarial law are managed by other faculties.

Since 1999, the internationally renowned economist Professor Heinrich Schradin has been the head of the Institute for General Economics, Risk Management and Insurance Economics. Between 150 and 200 highly qualified economists graduate every year. The institute is supported by Gen Re through a grant that enables it to invite international scholars for one year as visiting professors.

TH Köln © Stadt Köln/Stiemer

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

TH Köln/Cologne University of Applied Sciences was established in 1971 through the merger of numerous smaller colleges, the oldest of which was the Royal Provincial Trade School, founded in 1833, and renamed Trade College of the City of Cologne in 1879. TH Köln is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Germany with 26,000 students and 420 professors. The university offers a total of 90 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in full. The international office at the TH Köln also offers student exchange opportunities with 342 partner universities in 94 countries.

Insurance studies are offered through the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. Its roots were founded in the 1960s when the insurance industry itself decided to create the ‘Deutsche Versicherungs Akademie’, a tool for enhanced qualifications on the job. The DVA was one of the nine colleges transferred to government control as TH Köln in 2017.

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law has more than 3,400 students in over 11 degree programs, 65 professors and over 20 staff members. It is one of the largest faculties of business and economics in Germany.

The Institute of Insurance Studies works closely with the insurance industry to ensure that it delivers the best possible training and education for the future of the industry. It offers a Bachelor’s program in Insurance and Actuarial Sciences that focuses on all aspects of the insurance sector and ensures that graduates are well-equipped for a promising career in the insurance sector.

The Master’s program

Insurance Cologne is open for business!

The Master’s program in Insurance Law (LL.M.) is a continuing education program parallel to professional employment. Because of its skills-centered approach students can immediately apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge in their professional environment.

There is surely no other leading mainland European city that can offer such a depth, breadth and diversity of qualities, resources and skills needed to nurture and develop the insurance business as it enters the next phase in its long and rich history.

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